Baidu Maps Unveils Advanced AI Guide: Streamlining Multi-Destination Planning

Baidu Maps, a leading navigation app, has introduced an innovative upgrade to its AI “Guide” function, revolutionizing the way users plan their travel routes.

As reported by Kuai Technology on November 25, this enhancement allows users to conveniently plot multiple destinations in a single, seamless sentence.

Traditionally, planning a route with several stops involved the cumbersome process of manually adding waypoints one after the other.

Baidu Maps’ latest feature, however, simplifies this task. Users can now activate the function by saying “Xiaodu Xiaodu” and verbally express their intended destinations and any stops they wish to make along the way.

For instance, a user can say, “I want to go to Starbucks and fill up with gas on the way.” Baidu Maps will immediately generate a comprehensive route that incorporates these requests.

This development marks a significant leap in user convenience and efficiency, enabling more flexible and tailored travel planning.

To access this cutting-edge feature, users are encouraged to update their Baidu Maps application to the latest version. Once updated, they can explore the [AI Guide] function directly from the app’s homepage.

The latest iteration of Baidu Maps, known as the V19 version, is hailed as the world’s first AI-native map product. It has been entirely rebuilt using the advanced Wenxin large model.

This redevelopment has equipped Baidu Maps with an array of sophisticated capabilities. Users can now enjoy intelligent services like smart route planning and navigation, location inquiries, and AI-enhanced tourism features.

Additionally, the V19 version introduces new interactive modes to enhance user experience. These include comprehensive voice interaction capabilities and AR (Augmented Reality) real-life navigation.

These features signify Baidu Maps’ commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday applications, significantly enhancing travel convenience and user engagement.

This innovation by Baidu Maps not only demonstrates the company’s leadership in AI application but also represents a significant advancement in map technology and user interactivity.

As Baidu continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital mapping and AI, users can look forward to even more intuitive and personalized navigation experiences.