Baidu Search Quality Video Content Standard Released

Baidu said that the value of video content is a deeper analysis of video content. It is generally believed that videos with the main content, depth, positive orientation, excellent production and editing, and richer content can bring higher value to users.

If creators want to increase the value of their video content, they can improve it from the following aspects:


In some special fields, such as automobiles, law, finance and economics, teaching, etc., creators are required to have professional certification, and the published content is vertically focused, recognized by the public, and has a certain influence.

These video contents produced by creators in the professional field or official institutions will be more trusted by users than those produced by ordinary creators.

Well-made and high emotional value

“Beautiful video”

The style of the video may be novel, interesting, or funny, and the content of the video can bring users a good viewing experience. Unhealthy content such as heavy taste, vulgarity, and edge balls are prohibited.

Well-made video

The video has a certain production cost, and through careful editing, the content is thematic and logical. It’s not a casual video without any theme and content value in daily life .

Rich video content

“content depth”

The video is rich and in-depth, which can give users a certain degree of cognitive thinking, so that users can understand more thoroughly, and the content is more credible. Video content is usually characterized by multiple citations, multi-angle explanations, and rich background information.

Rich content

The video content explanation is more detailed and detailed, and it can explain and introduce the theme from multiple dimensions and types to fully meet the needs of users.