Baidu Elevates AIGC Marketing Solutions for Education Sector

Baidu Marketing has recently introduced an enhanced AIGC (AI-generated content) marketing solution tailored for the education industry, aiming to revolutionize how educational services market themselves.

With spring recruitment on the horizon, nearly 3,000 customers have already embarked on utilizing this innovative approach, reaping the benefits of AI-driven traffic and scaling their marketing efforts significantly.

The need for educational services surges during the spring recruitment season, a critical period for marketing in the education sector. This year has seen an uptick in searches related to educational qualifications, vocational training, and language studies, indicating a dynamic shift in consumer needs.

Traditional educational services remain stable, yet the landscape is evolving, with a growing interest in niche and interest-based training opportunities.

Baidu’s AIGC solution, first unveiled in September 2023, integrates various AI products and is designed to create comprehensive and effective marketing strategies.

This approach uses AI to assist in search scenarios, creating lifelike and professional AI customer service, recommending scenarios with creative AI-generated content, and enhancing live broadcasts with digital human avatars for top-notch sales performance.

These “star employees” adapt and learn to meet user needs across various scenarios, ensuring high-quality interaction and effective marketing.

The solution also offers Qingge, a creative AI tool that aggregates courses into top-level styles for exclusive traffic positions, enhancing the visual and interactive appeal of marketing campaigns. This upgrade aligns with the “Spring AI Season,” aiming to bolster the use of AI in spring recruitment marketing.

Several success stories have emerged from the use of multiple AI products, showcasing significant improvements in marketing strategies and operational efficiency.

One such example is an education group that has seen remarkable enhancements in content production and lead conversion rates, thanks to the application of Qingge and Qingduo, Baidu’s generative AI products.

These tools have streamlined content creation and optimized advertising strategies, leading to cost reductions and improved efficiency.

Moreover, merchant intelligence has played a crucial role in refining customer service and marketing experiences.

By providing a dual-business online and year-round intelligent customer service team, educational institutions can now offer more personalized and efficient responses to potential students, significantly improving lead conversion rates.

As the “Spring AI Learning Season” merges with the newly released AIGC marketing solutions, Baidu’s commitment to leveraging AI for deeper market insights and innovative content production is evident.

This initiative not only enhances the marketing landscape for the education sector but also promises a more engaging and interactive user experience. It underscores the transformative potential of AI in reshaping industry marketing strategies and the overall customer journey.