Baidu Baijiahao Introduces “E-commerce Toolbox Newcomer Guidance” to Incentivize Authors

Baidu Baijiahao, a prominent content platform, has announced the launch of a novel feature, the “E-commerce Toolbox Newcomer Guidance.” This initiative is designed to encourage and reward authors who are new to incorporating e-commerce elements into their articles.

The “E-commerce Toolbox Newcomer Guidance” function is specifically tailored for authors who have not engaged in e-commerce activities, such as promoting products in their articles, in the past year. Under this new program, users who publish articles featuring products and achieve sales for the first time are eligible to receive rewards of 100 points or more in coupon form.

The process and incentives associated with this feature are detailed as follows:

  1. Accessing the Feature:
    • Authors can navigate to the e-commerce toolbox guide for newcomers by visiting Baijiahao, then selecting [Monetization Tools] and [E-commerce Toolbox].
  2. Eligibility Definitions:
    • Novice Author: An author who has not published any articles with or without goods from September 7, 2022, to October 8, 2023.
    • First Publication: Authors who, in the aforementioned period, did not publish any articles with goods and then, for the first time after October 8, 2023, publish an article featuring goods.
    • First-Time Sales: Authors who, within the specified timeframe, did not generate effective sales from articles with goods, but then, after October 8, 2023, for the first time, publish an article with goods that leads to effective sales.

Baidu Baijiahao specifies that authors making their first post will receive a reward of 20 yuan in coupons, while those achieving their first sale will also be awarded an additional 20 yuan in coupons. It’s notable that the rewards for the first publication and first sales can be combined, offering greater incentives for authors.

Creators interested in taking advantage of these rewards can log in to the Baijiahao backend, navigate to [Assets], then [Bai+], and finally [Coupon] to view and utilize their earned coupons.

This new feature by Baidu Baijiahao marks a significant step in integrating e-commerce into content creation. It not only incentivizes authors to explore e-commerce opportunities but also paves the way for a more interactive and transactional relationship between content creators and their audiences. As Baidu Baijiahao continues to evolve, it is increasingly becoming a versatile platform that accommodates various forms of content and commerce.