Baidu: AI Generates 11% of Search Results

During Baidu’s Q1 2024 earnings call, founder and CEO Robin Li revealed that AI generates 11% of Baidu’s search results.

Although the AI restructuring work is in its early stages, Li believes search services will be a key application in the AI era.

Baidu’s “Ernie Bot” has over 200 million users, with 200 million daily API calls.

Additionally, Baidu has launched several lightweight large language models and development tools, such as Agent Builder, App Builder, and Model Builder, to promote AI technology.

Baidu’s Q1 2024 total revenue reached 31.5 billion RMB, with core business revenue at 23.8 billion RMB and a net profit of 7.011 billion RMB, a 22% increase year-on-year.

Baidu App’s monthly active users reached 676 million, with online marketing revenue at 17 billion RMB.

AI Technology Application and Financial Performance

Baidu’s ongoing investment in AI has shown significant results. The widespread application of the Ernie model and the introduction of new tools highlight Baidu’s efforts in promoting AI technology.

Baidu’s financial performance has exceeded market expectations, demonstrating its strong capability in innovation and market adaptability.

Baidu anticipates that AI technology will play a crucial role in more fields, further enhancing user experience and business growth.