Writing for Chinese Search News

If you would like to write for Chinese Search News or purchase a sponsored post if you have a tool or service you wish to promote, please review the below guidelines and submission methods. This page details content guidelines, your rights, and our submission process.

Please read this page, and terms in full. It will likely answer most questions in relation to article topic, submission terms, and how to submit. If you’re looking to advertise a case study or your company, please read our Sponsored Posts page.

First and foremost, ChineseSearchNews.com is designed to be an objective reporting news-site, and bring the latest news and information relating to Baidu and Chinese search.

We do, however, accept unique guides and insight posts into optimizing for Baidu and/or general China-focused marketing insight.

This page will tell you:

  • The article topics and themes that are accepted as submissions
  • The website’s publishing schedule
  • Editorial guidelines in relation to article format
  • Chinese Search New’s stance of paid for publications and sponsored articles
  • Our editorial content disclaimer, and your rights
  • What happens once a post has been submitted, and what to expect
  • How to submit a post

Accepted Article Topics

This is a niche website. All articles must relate to the Chinese digital market, whether it be Google in China, Baidu, Weibo, Tencent, or digital and consumer trends in China.

Examples of articles, and themes, likely to be accepted include:

  • X ways the Chinese market in [sector] has changed
  • X tactics for eCommerce optimization in China
  • Case Study: An analysis of [brand]’s organic search strategy in China

Articles likely to not be accepted include:

  • General SEO articles not related to Baidu or the Chinese market
  • General articles promoting a product/brand/company
  • General marketing articles without a Chinese market focus (not enough to just mention China as part of the article, China must be the core focus).

General marketing articles for general Top X things articles won’t be read past the first few lines and will be rejected.

Likewise, if the article is reviewing or promoting a product, this will fall under the category of a sponsored post.

Once You’ve Submitted Your Post

Once you’ve submitted your post, it will be reviewed by the editorial team – and if successful, scheduled as part of our publishing schedule. Once scheduled, you will receive a notification.

Due to the number of link-building/spam requests we get, we will not be able to notify you should your post be rejected – we will also not be able to actively discuss or help you define an article topic for one-off submissions. If you could like to contribute a series of articles, you will be required to submit your first two upfront.

Publishing Schedule

ChineseSearchNews.com staff articles are prioritized for publication on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Guest submissions will always be published on a Thursday.

Outside of scheduling, breaking news and other ad hoc articles will be published outside of this schedule.

Publishing Hiatus

Three times a year, ChineseSearchNews.com observes a “down” period in both publishing and publishing non-scheduled content.

These periods are:

  • Christmas (UK)
  • A two-week period in Summer
  • A two-week period in Fall

During Christmas, there is a period of ~10 days with no publishing occurring.

The exact time period is always defined by a blog post on the last Friday before Christmas, with publishing resuming in the first week of January. No articles of any sort are published during this period.

Editorial Article Guidelines

These articles are user-submitted, non-sponsored articles. You will get an author biography and a link to your homepage/socials from the footer.

Acceptance of these articles is wholly at the discretion of the editorial team, as they need to add value to the journal.


  • Use title case in each heading.
  • Run your article through a grammar/spelling checker (American English).
  • Eliminate contractions.
  • Think of an appealing visual presentation.  If you feel your post will benefit from additional imagery, add it – but don’t make the whole article a single infographic.
  • All guest authors must be genuine and identifiable – e.g. real photo, real name, real social media links…
  • Any graphics included in your submission must be 100% sourced and you must have full rights to use said images. Failure to provide proof will lead to them not being published with the article.


  • Include multiple self-promotional links. Links to relevant resources are fine, but if they are your own resources – they must be disclosed.
  • Submit an article covering the same topic information that already exists on ChineseSearchNews.com.
  • Submit an article that has been published elsewhere previously.
  • Publish the same article on other websites within 21 days of publication on ChineseSearchNews.com.
  • Excessively bold keywords, or add links in bold, or add links in headers.

By submitting an editorial article, you agree irrevocably to our user-submitted content disclaimer.

User Submitted Content Disclaimer

By posting or uploading any User Content to this Site and/or providing any communication or material to ChineseSearchNews.com you automatically and irrevocably:

  1. Grant and assign to ChineseSearchNews.com a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to any and all rights in the User Content including without limitation all copyright, together with all consents (if any) necessary to enable its reproduction, distribution, modification, publishing and/or other use and exploitation including the creation of derivative works, by ChineseSearchNews.com and/or by any person authorized by ChineseSearchNews.com, by any means and in all media now known or hereafter devised, without payment or other references to you or any other person, and to advertise and promote such exploitation, for the full period of all such rights (together with any extensions and renewals) and insofar as possible in perpetuity;
  2. Warrant that you are the owner of the User Content or have a right to grant us rights specified hereinabove and entitled to enter into this Policy;
  3. Confirm that no such User Content will be subject to any obligation, of confidence or otherwise, to you or any other person and that ChineseSearchNews.com shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of such User Content.

User Content means any content you post, upload or otherwise make available on our Sites, including information, text, graphics, photos, or other materials.

This disclaimer supersedes any other agreement made in relation to contributing an article to ChineseSearchNews.com.

Submitting A Guest Article

If you’d like to submit a guest post, please select the guest post option from the dropdown, and in the message field insert the Google Doc/Yandex Drive link – please make sure this is accessible to all so that your article can be reviewed.

By submitting an article, you agree to our User Submitted Content Disclaimer and terms.