What is the Baidu AI Inspiration Center?

The Baidu AI Inspiration Center can help with everything from travel planning and writing product descriptions, through to image generation and writing social media posts.

The Baidu AI Inspiration Center offers a vast array of categories for AI applications, including image generation, social media post creation, travel itinerary planning, relationship simulation, and poem script creation.

The extensive variety makes it impossible to browse all options through infinite scrolling.

Users can create their own custom AI assistants if they don’t find a suitable pre-made option.

Creating your own custom AI assistant in Baidu

This process involves entering the AI Partner interface, writing prompts, using advanced commands, and debugging them.

In a few minutes, users can publish new AI applications, which can gain visibility through upvotes.

Creating a custom AI assistant in the Baidu Inspiration Center

The custom AI assistants can be integrated with search results through the AI Assistant plugin, appearing as a sidebar with capabilities like article summarization, follow-up questions, and dictionary features.