Baidu Search Statistics 2022

In the past couple of years, many businesses would have/could have argued that Baidu’s focus on developing their search product had waned in favor of investing in AI, Apps, and other products such as autonomous driving.

That being said, looking at Baidu in 2022 versus 2021, the traditional Baidu search engine product is still popular, and if anything, is still gaining momentum and market share.

Increasing “Traditional” & Voice Search Users

In the past year, Baidu’s search scale has grown by 17%, with visual search monthly active users exceeding 260 million and voice search monthly active users exceeding 110 million.

Looking through the data, mobile user growth is one of the key driving factors behind this.

Baidu APP’s monthly active users increased by 8% year-on-year. 

According to QuestMobile’s statistics, the overall mobile Internet MAU only increased by about 2% during the same period.

Baidu APP Engagement

The number of users sharing (including comments, likes, shares, etc.) on the Baidu APP increased by 21.2% year on year.

Baidu Baija & Ask Yi Q

The number of Baidu Baijia accounts has exceeded 5 million, and the number of “Ask Yi Q” respondents has exceeded 1 million; the monthly consultation volume of “Ask Yi Q” has exceeded 100 million.

Source: China Z