Baidu Removes 15.08 Billion Pieces of Harmful Content

In a significant stride toward a safer digital world, Baidu has recently unveiled its comprehensive information security management data for Q4 2023, marking a pivotal moment in the fight against online harm.

Over 15.08 billion pieces of harmful content spanning categories such as pornography and gambling were eradicated from Baidu’s platforms, underscoring the tech giant’s unwavering commitment to creating a secure and wholesome online environment.

The Baidu Content Security Center, employing a blend of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and meticulous manual inspection, spearheaded this monumental cleanup operation.

The AI-driven approach successfully identified and eliminated over 15.06 billion instances of harmful content, while the manual inspections contributed to the removal of an additional 22.583 million items, focusing on pornography and copyright infringement among others.

This quarter also saw the execution of specialized campaigns against pornography, resulting in the clearance of 73,843 sets of harmful pornographic keywords, 13,241 guide word sets, and the closure of 1,122,156 accounts and 3,532 post bars. More than 7.39 billion harmful links were also purged in the process, further sanitizing the digital space.

Across Baidu’s varied platforms, the purge was extensive: Baidu Search eradicated over 14.6 billion harmful pieces; Baidu Tieba intercepted 103 million; Baidu Netdisk removed over 34.29 million pornographic and illegal files; and Baijihao cleaned up 740,000 pieces of remaining harmful content.

Furthermore, through the Internet User Rights Protection Plan, Baidu addressed 17,748 complaints from netizens, resulting in refunds or payments totaling more than 9.331 million yuan.

This initiative not only underscores Baidu’s dedication to maintaining a clean digital ecosystem but also highlights its commitment to protecting user rights and fostering trust within its community.

This colossal effort by Baidu represents a critical step forward in the battle against online harm, setting a new standard for digital cleanliness and security.

By leveraging advanced AI technology alongside rigorous manual inspection, Baidu is at the forefront of creating a safer and more secure internet for all.