Baidu Shares Title Tag Guidance

Through an official Baidu Search platform channel (, Baidu has shared guidance on how to set the page <title>, as well as guidance on what are classed as “disallowed” title tag types.

Code Compliance

To be code compliant, the title should exist with a title tag.

According to the Baidu publication:

 For search users, the title can help users quickly gain insight into the content of the web page and the relevance of the web page to the search needs. It is usually the main piece of information used to decide which result the user clicks on. 

Therefore, using high-quality page titles is crucial for a website.

Hu Xiaoyu

We know from various studies and experience that the title tag is an important ranking factor for Baidu, so seeing them use words like “crucial” and “high-quality” isn’t something to be surprised about.

Optimizing Title Tags For Baidu


  • Simplified Chinese
  • 35 characters in length
  • Be concise, and less superfluous language
  • Don’t misrepresent the website or the page
  • Don’t duplicate titles across pages (you care about)


The website should ensure that each page on the website has a designated title (code compliant), and is unique to that page.

Where possible, title tag duplication should be avoided.

Keyword Stuffing & Repition

Likewise, you should not stuff keywords into the title tag or repeat keyword variations excessively.

Represent The Page 

The title tag should adequately summarize the page content and not be designed to target keywords or contain marketing hyperbole.

It should be concise, and to the point.

It should also not misrepresent the page or website (e.g. using another brand name or trying to mimic another website), and shouldn’t make false claims (e.g., you can download or buy something on that page, but it is in fact a doorway/gateway and you can’t.

A high-quality webpage title can not only clearly express the main purpose of the webpage, but also provide effective guidance to search users and attract target users to click.

For titles that meet high-quality standards, Baidu will give more preferential treatment in rankings and SERP placement.