Baidu Maps Introduces Night Mode in Latest Update for Enhanced Nighttime Driving

The newest update of Baidu Maps, version 19.3.0, brings an innovative night mode feature, enhancing the driving experience during nighttime by reducing glare.

This update, which is compatible with CarPlay, Jovi InCar, and HiCar, offers a more comfortable and safer navigation experience for drivers who prefer less harsh lighting while on the road.

Activating night mode is straightforward, with two options available: an automatic switch based on the time and driving status, or a manual setting accessible through the app’s settings.

This functionality is easily adjustable in the ‘Dark Mode’ settings on iOS or the ‘Navigation Settings’ in the Android version of the app.

The update, which can be enjoyed on both the mobile APP and the large-screen version of Baidu Maps, also simplifies entering cruise mode.

Users can prompt this feature by simply saying “Xiaodu Xiaodu, turn on cruise” to Xiaodu, and the system will seamlessly transition into cruise mode when they get into the car.

In addition to the night mode, Baidu Maps V19.3.0 enhances user convenience with the introduction of an updated quick directions feature, further streamlining the navigation process and improving overall user experience.

This update reflects Baidu Maps’ continuous commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly navigation solutions.