Baidu Wenku Transforms into a One-Stop AI Content Creation Platform

At the 2023 NetEase Future Conference in Hangzhou, Wang Ying, Baidu’s Vice President, announced a significant shift for Baidu Wenku, transforming it into a “one-stop AI content creation platform”.

This change marks a new beginning for user-driven content creation, leveraging the expansive potential of large model technology.

Baidu Wenku, now powered by advanced AI, has enhanced its capabilities across PC and mobile platforms.

The integration of intelligent functions like text generation and editing, PPT creation, summarization, Q&A, and outline writing, exemplifies the emergence of AI-native methods in content production.

On the PC front, Baidu Wenku enables users to materialize their ideas into comprehensive content readily usable in various formats.

This platform offers a range of services, from brainstorming and article polishing to PPT generation and speech draft matching. Its cross-language summary and Q&A features promote global learning and communication.

The mobile version of Baidu Wenku APP extends these AI creation capabilities, accommodating multiple document types and formats with seamless transitioning.

Its advanced voice editing and control features simplify tasks like formatting year-end summaries, transforming them into well-structured, immediately usable documents.

Furthermore, Baidu Wenku is developing features like “intelligent mind mapping” and “multi-document reference generation”.

These functions allow users to generate comprehensive mind maps and integrate content from multiple documents, streamlining the content creation process into a truly one-stop experience.

Beyond Wenku, Baidu’s other platforms like Baidu Novel and Baidu Tieba are also embracing AI to enhance content creation.

Baidu Novel’s “Writer Platform” lowers the writing barrier, boosting creative efficiency, while Baidu Tieba offers novel interactive experiences between users and virtual characters.

These platforms also utilize large model capabilities to transform text into engaging story videos, significantly elevating content quality and production efficiency.

In this large model era, Baidu’s AI-native applications are witnessing crucial breakthroughs, as seen in the increased payment rate post-reconstruction of Baidu Wenku.

According to Wang Ying, this is just the beginning for AI-native applications, and Baidu is set to continue innovating with large models to deliver extraordinary AI-native product experiences.