Baidu Shen Dou Talks About AI

On March 29, Shen Dou, executive vice president of Baidu Group and president of Baidu Smart Cloud Business Group, delivered a speech when attending the Boao Forum for Asia 2023.

Dou said: The emergence of generative AI will gradually differentiate enterprises into intelligent enterprises and non-intelligent enterprises. 

Non-intelligent enterprises will gradually be eliminated, and new giants will be born. 

Every enterprise needs to act as soon as possible and needs to rethink what its own advantages are and how to use AI to amplify these advantages.”

Shen Dou said that some companies now have the problem of over-construction in the process of promoting the digital economy, and there is too much waste in what should not be done, which makes the industry worry about the value of intelligence.

Therefore, to promote the digital economy, we must tell the truth and do practical things, with less bragging, and more delivery.

Shen Dou, Chief of Baidu AI Cloud

Shen Dou believes that computing power is a bottleneck for companies that do generative AI on a whim. 

Enterprises that are really working in the field of artificial intelligence must be relatively well prepared, and the problem of computing power is solvable. 

All the people who complain about the lack of computing power today are those who do AI on a whim.

Shen Dou believes that generative AI will bring about a very large-scale new profession, and more than 50% of people will be instructors in the future.” 

In the future, most people’s work will not be on the front line, but to direct the AI ​​on how to do it.

Shen Dou, Chief of Baidu AI Cloud

So the disappearance of one wave of occupations will definitely give birth to another wave of new occupations.

Every technological revolution has such worries. When the car came out, the groom said I don’t need to do it in the future,” Shen said, but you just need to learn how to drive a car.”