Baidu’s AI Technology Revolutionizes Content Governance by Eliminating Over 910,000 Illegal Accounts in 2023

In a remarkable stride towards digital security and content integrity, Baidu, a leading name in the tech industry, has successfully utilized artificial intelligence to enhance content ecological governance.

According to the latest “2023 Content Ecological Governance Report” released by Baidu Baijiahao, the company has implemented stringent measures against illegal online activities, resulting in the ban of over 910,000 illegal accounts this year alone.

Crackdown on Illegal Activities

Baidu’s aggressive stance against cheating, particularly in potentially “shady” markets, is evident in its collaboration with public security organs.

This joint effort has led to the dismantling of over 10 illegal gangs and the apprehension of more than 100 criminal suspects.

Notably, Baidu played a crucial role in assisting the police with video transfer fraud cases, leading to the arrest of 29 suspects.

Moreover, the company has been instrumental in targeting illegal gangs involved in the unauthorized use of citizens’ information for account registration.

Enhancing Content Quality and Originality

In its commitment to protecting high-quality, original content, Baidu introduced several rules and regulations throughout the year.

The company launched a certification mechanism to identify and support authors of high-quality original content, coupled with professional original rights protection services.

Regulating Artificial Intelligence and Content Creation

Baidu has been proactive in regulating the use of artificial intelligence in content creation. In April 2023, the “Announcement on Combating Serious Violations” was issued, setting forth clear management measures for MCN institutions and establishing a framework for stepped penalties for various violations.

Following this, in June, Baidu released the “Crackdown on the Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology to Generate Rumors”, emphasizing the responsibility of creators for their content.

Further enhancing its governance framework, Baidu Baijiahao introduced the “Concepts and Specifications on Content Generated by Artificial Intelligence Technology” in May 2023, encouraging creators to responsibly utilize AI technology to boost content quality and efficiency.

Fighting Plagiarism and Rumors with AI

Baidu has also leveraged large AI models for intelligent detection and early warning systems.

These systems are particularly effective in identifying and combating plagiarism and rumors through comprehensive fingerprint coverage of video images across the internet.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Baidu is committed to continuously strengthening account and content management.

The company aims to guide and regulate creator behavior to foster a positive and healthy content ecological environment. This initiative reflects Baidu’s dedication to fulfilling its social responsibilities and promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

In essence, Baidu’s innovative use of AI for content governance marks a significant step forward in the fight against online illegality and the promotion of digital integrity and creativity.