Baidu Restricts Quick Inclusion and Sitemap Submission to VIP Sites Only

Baidu has reclaimed the “Quick Collection” and “Sitemap Submission” permissions from general sites, reserving these features exclusively for VIP sites. This move is part of a broader strategy to upgrade the platform’s search resources and rights system.

According to a statement released on December 1, this policy shift is unrelated to the use of the “Webmaster Push Tool.”

Instead, it is a step towards incentivizing websites to enhance their quality. Only VIP sites, that meet specific criteria, will now have access to the quick inclusion rights.

Webmasters are encouraged to consult the “New Upgrade of VIP Club” guidelines to understand how to elevate their site’s quality and potentially gain VIP status.

This decision follows an earlier notice issued on September 22, 2023, where Baidu indicated the cessation of Sitemap submission permissions for sites with non-real-name accounts and those deemed low-quality.

The rationale behind this is to curb the nuisance of illegal production and cheating practices. Baidu plans to restore these privileges gradually to compliant sites while adjusting the daily API push quota.

Further aligning with this approach, Baidu has revamped its Webmaster VIP Club membership plan, which was relaunched on November 24, 2023.

Membership requirements are stringent, necessitating real-name authentication and ICP registration for sites, along with a minimum operational period of over a year.

Additionally, these sites must demonstrate a substantial daily click rate, high-quality content, and a positive user experience. Sites involved in illegal activities or those considered high-risk or low-professional will be denied membership.

The VIP club members stand to benefit from increased resource submission quotas, priority in emergency issue responses, access to internal beta versions, and opportunities for customized event participation.

Baidu’s strategic adjustment is aimed at enhancing site quality, improving user experience, and strengthening the management and supervision of its search resources.

With these changes, Baidu is taking a significant step towards refining its search engine platform, focusing on quality and compliance.