Does Baidu have a similar tool to Google Scholar?

Yes, Baidu has a similar function to Google Scholar known as Baidu Scholar. Launched in 2014, Baidu Scholar is a free academic search platform dedicated to providing access to a vast amount of academic resources, including journals, theses, books, and conference papers.

It aims to be the most comprehensive research platform in China, with an index of over 400 million literature resources by the end of 2018.

Features and Accessibility

The platform aims to be the most comprehensive research platform in China, leveraging Baidu’s resource retrieval technology and big data mining analysis capabilities.

This makes it an invaluable tool for scholars who work with Chinese subjects or are limited to Chinese as their working language.

Baidu Scholar offers features such as open access searches, field-specific searches, and multidisciplinary searches, making it versatile for various academic needs.

Collaborations and Impact

Interestingly, Baidu has also been involved in collaborative efforts to promote open academic resources.

In a notable initiative, Baidu teamed up with Microsoft, Google, and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) to advance open academic search capabilities.

This collaboration aims to enhance the discovery and accessibility of academic resources globally, reflecting a shared goal among these tech giants to support the academic community.

For researchers, especially those focusing on Chinese language and subjects, Baidu Scholar represents a powerful tool akin to Google Scholar. Its extensive database and advanced search capabilities make it a pivotal resource in the academic world.

For more information, you can visit Baidu Scholar.